Justin "JJ" Johnson
OPEX Midlands client

Justin "JJ" Johnson

"OPEX has been a place where I feel like I really belong. I didn't know a lot of the other athletes at first but it didn't take long at all to feel like a family. I love being able to hit PRs, being able to experience a whole new level of fitness but what I love most about OPEX is watching other athletes succeed, cheering for them and watching them grow in their journey. 
My coach is very understanding, very patient, and honestly probably knows me better than I know myself. She truly believes I will make it in the big leagues one day and that's what I appreciate about her. All the coaches are amazing and knowledgeable and just great individuals. 
OPEX is the reason I believe in myself, believe I can make it big as an athlete. It's building my confidence every day, and it makes my drive and passion that much bigger."
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