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1 on 1 Consultation

You will meet with your professional coach to discuss your goals and lifestyle demands. This consultation will allow your coach to design a training program that fits your needs in and out of the gym.


3 Part Assessment

Next, your coach will run you through a 3-part physical assessment: OPEX Body, Move, and Work - current body compostition analysis, movement patterns, and work capacity.


Personalized Fitness Program

Your coach will combine the goals identified in your consultation with the data from your physical assessment to design your personalized fitness program.


All Access Gym Pass

Work with our professional coaches on the gym floor to learn new movements and points of performance. Workout alongside members and connect with a community as committed as you.


No Commitment

Your coach and your gym are committed to your individual fitness and lifestyle needs. Try us for 30 days, no contract.


OPEX Midlands


  • How long will my assessment take?

    Your 3-part assessment is done in 3 1-on-1 sessions. Depending on your schedule, we could complete this assessment in 3-7 days.

  • How quickly will I receive my training program?

    After your assessment, we will get right into your training!

  • How do I access my training?

    We use the training delivery software TrueCoach. Your training will be delivered to you through a mobile app, here you will review, perform and update your training utilizing the app.

  • How do I communicate with my coach?

    You will not only communicate with your coach through TrueCoach, but also on the gym floor and in your monthly consultations.

  • Can I use the gym whenever I want?

    Yes, you can train on your schedule during coached floor times throughout the day.

  • Will there be a coach on the gym floor to help me?

    Absolutely! The coach on the floor is a big part of our service offering. You will never have to train without a coach on the floor.

  • What happens when I complete the four week trial?

    After you complete the trial, you and your coach will sit down to discuss how the 4 weeks went, how your training program was built off of your goals and assessment and give you the opportunity to continue training with us.