Matthew May
OPEX Midlands client

Matthew May

"I am amazed to see the progress I have made in past year of training with OPEX Columbia. In the beginning of 2016 I had no self-esteem, lacked confidence, was insecure, afraid of failure, unsure, uncertain and very underweight. In the matter of a few months, I became positive, bold, self-assured, strong, hard, focused, and driven but most of all, passionate. When you find that passion, it's very easy to confuse it with being crazy. 
Through the hard work put into changing my life, I discovered the real me was buried underneath all that self-doubt and all those insecurities. This would not have been possible without my coach, Carl Hardwick. No matter where or when, Carl is always there for me. The quick lessons between his many meetings, the phone calls when I needed advice before an event, etc. Carl always goes above and beyond. I can only hope to have half of his level of influence, to ignite the passion within others as he has for me, and to make a difference to others as he has for me. 
Honestly, I don’t think I could ever fully explain the appreciation I have for my coach and for OPEX Columbia so I’ll say it simply. Thank you. Thank you for taking me beyond the technique, for providing me the guidance, and for your constant unselfish dedication. Thank you for giving me this life".
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